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Re: Repository capacity?????????

Author cmpilato
Full name C. Michael Pilato
Date 2007-01-22 07:50:39 PST
Message >HI,
>I installed CollabNet Subversion server Version 1.4.
>Can any one explain what is the maximam capacity of this
>repository holds?
>Thanks and regards,

That question has a few different flavors depending on how
you look at it, and different answers to match.

There are hard limits that the operating system or other
platform-ish things would impose, such as the size that any
one on-disk file is allowed to be, or the number of inodes
that may be present within a given directory. FSFS-backed
Subversion repositories keep all the changes associated with
a single revision in one file, so the overall size of the
repository is distributed across many files over time (one
per revision). That lessens the likelihood of your hitting
an OS-imposed filesize limitation.

If you're wondering less about hard limits, and more about
where the Subversion performance might start to degrade when
a large dataset is thrown at it, that's a fuzzier question
with a fuzzier answer. There's been no golden datasize
determined thus far. And the variables involved are too
many to name.

Perhaps you can find solace in the experiences of some
existing large projects who are using Subversion. Take, for
example, the ASF repository -- one repository,
multi-gigabyte dataset, currently holding 498658 revisions
and going strong (see svn.apache.org/repos/asf/). The GCC
repository currently sits at 121056 revisions. The KDE
repository, 626239 revisions.

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