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Re: Repository capacity?????????

Author rjenkins
Full name Bob Jenkins
Date 2007-01-22 06:51:15 PST
Message >HI,
>I installed CollabNet Subversion server Version 1.4.
>Can any one explain what is the maximam capacity of this
>repository holds?
>Thanks and regards,

Hi Karthik,

There is no firm answer for this question. Due to
Subversion's unique design, specific scalability limits
have not been found. That's certainly not to say that there
aren't limits, but to say that, in practice, people aren't
reaching them. Scalability would also have several
different potential parameters that could define the limits
with overall size of the repository and the number of
elements being the most obvious. Since Subversion handles
branches and tags as paths rather than metadata, what is
normally a limiting factor is not for Subversion. We are
aware of very large repositories both in the overall size
and in the number of elements under version control.


Bob Jenkins

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