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Re: X11 Initialization Failed errors

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2010-10-26 13:29:38 PDT
Message On 10/26/10 4:21 PM, "Susan Thielen" <XXXX@XXXX> wrote:

> I get these errors using the latest svn on SLED
> ** (process:12627): WARNING **: couldn't connect to dbus session bus:
> dbus-launc
> h failed to autolaunch D-Bus session: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization
> faile
> d.
> How do I get rid of them? They seem to be a lot of noise over nothing, but
> they seem rather frightening to my users..

I assume you get these warnings when using the command line client?

First, I should note that our client binaries are not tested on SuSE and we
do not officially support it. You do not say if you are using our binaries
so I thought I would point it out if you are. It is possible our binaries,
which are built for Red Hat, were built against older dependencies than are
included in SuSE.

The problem you are getting is related to Subversion's support for GNOME
keyring. You can likely get rid of these warnings by editing the Subversion
config file. Unfortunately, unless all of your developers work on the same
physical host, this is a change they each have to make on their own
computers. But do something like this:

$ vi .subversion/config

And then scroll to see this (usually near the top)

### Set password stores used by Subversion. They should be
### delimited by spaces or commas. The order of values determines
### the order in which password stores are used.
### Valid password stores:
### gnome-keyring (Unix-like systems)
### kwallet (Unix-like systems)
### keychain (Mac OS X)
### windows-cryptoapi (Windows)
# password-stores = gnome-keyring,kwallet

You want to edit that last line to look like this:

password-stores =

So I have uncommented it and then assigned no values. That should resolve
the problem. If you are using the binaries we provide, another option would
be to try the binaries provided from the OpenSuSE build service:


If the problem is incompatible dependency versions, then that would likely
resolve the issue as well.


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