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ra_dav libraries missing

Author robwking
Full name Rob King
Date 2007-01-30 10:38:14 PST
Message Hello,
I'm new to subversion, installing version 1.4.3 from source
on to a redhat 4 installation.
svn is failing to checkout files using the http method -
failing with the "svn: Unrecognized URL scheme for" error.
 svn --version only shows ra_svn and ra_local installed.
So far so normal but when I search for any ra_dav libraries
(using find / -name '*ra_dav*' -print) I can find none. A
similar search for ra_local libraries finds files in
neon 0.26.3 installs from source without obvious error. As
does the subversion install.

Can you help here?

I hope that this gives enough detail to go on.



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