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Re: Windows SVN distro different from 1.4 to 1.5

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2008-07-14 11:53:30 PDT
Message On 7/14/08 2:46 PM, "Miniver Cheevy" <XXXX@XXXX> wrote:

> I have a Windows environment where I use multiple sets of Subversion clients
> (VisualSVN, TortoiseSVN, and CollabNet SVN), each to do different tasks. In
> particular, I use the CollabNet command-line client from scripts. Currently
> the scripts use the Windows Registry to find the CollabNet svn.exe, depending
> upon the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Micr​osoft\Windows\Curr​entVersion\App Paths\svn.exe\
> key.

I am not familiar with this key. A CollabNet-supplied package did not set
it. Perhaps you were using the download from tigris.org with 1.4? The 1.5
binaries were recently posted, but I do not think they have posted a new
installer yet.

> This worked great for the 1.4.x versions of the CollabNet client. With the
> 1.5.x version, this key isn't registered. The closest key I've been able to
> find is HKLM\SOFTWARE\Coll​abNet\Subversion\1​.5.0\Client, which point to the
> install directory, not the actual executable. While I'm sure that CollabNet
> likes being able to have multiple versions installed, it's a real pain to have
> to cycle through all of the (possible) installed versions to decide which one
> to use.

With 1.5.0, all we changed is the version number in the above key. The last
release would have had 1.4.6.

Why wouldn't svn.exe just be on PATH? Why would your script look it up in
the registry in the first place?


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