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Re: Beginning SVN

Author jrepenning
Full name Jack Repenning
Date 2006-12-31 17:21:25 PST
Message Hi, Dave,

>PROPFIND request failed on '/code'
>PROPFIND of '/code': 301 Moved Permanently (url)
>The directory code is where the SVN is located off the url
>What does PROPFIND mean and ... is there a list of errors
>that i can read

Well, working your questions not necessarily in order ...

PROPFIND is a part of the Subversion client-server protocol. This is actually
an industry standard protocol called WebDAV. Basically, you can assume that
any word ALL IN CAPS in any Subversion message is a WebDAV term.
PROPFIND, in particular, is the request to find properties about something or
other ("/code" in this case). It's a very common operation, so it appears in
lots of messages.

Is there a list of errors? Well, there are several lists, and there's at least one
of them that includes this error ;-) Since this is a WebDAV problem, and
WebDAV is an HTTP extension, its error codes are HTTP error codes, and you
can find 301 listed in any list of HTTP error codes, such as


You'll find that 301 means "moved permanently," which indeed is just what
Subversion says it means, up there in the original message. "Moved
permanently" means "I think I know what you want, but it's not at this

The most common way to get that is to use an "http://" URL when you should
have used "https://". Does that fit your situation?

To suggest other explanations, I'd need to know more about your
configuration. You don't mention the nature of your Subversion installation
(that is, open-source, CollabNet Subversion, or CollabNet Enterprise Edition
OnSite), so I can't guess the configuration very effectively, but for some
configurations I believe you can get the 301 return by botching middle parts
of the URL. For example, if the URL was supposed to be


and you left out the "/prefix" you could get this. "Prefix" is configured in
httpd.conf; for CollabNet Enterprise Edition "prefix" is "svn".

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