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ApacheCon NA Subversion Meetup

CollabNet is proud to sponsor the Subversion Meetup at ApacheCon North America 2010 in Atlanta, GA. Like other Apache Meetups, this event is organized by members of the Apache Subversion project, with an open agenda aimed at bringing together developers and users of Subversion toward the common purpose of improving the project and the software it produces. Whether or not you plan to attend ApacheCon, please join us for this exchange. Find out more about what the Subversion community is working on! Meet Subversion developers! Share your experiences with the Subversion software!

Feel free to drop your name into the "Expected Attendees" list below if you think you'll be able to make it.

Specific Event Details


Thursday, November 4, 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST


Westin Peachtree, Atlanta, GA, 7th Floor, Augusta Rooms 1 and 2

Some Agenda Ideas

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Topic Pool



How well is Subversion serving the ASF?


WC-NG-enabled features


FSv2 - The Next-Gen Subversion Storage Layer


Confirmed Topics



Subversion Roadmap


Expected Attendees

  • C. Michael Pilato, CollabNet

  • Jack Repenning, CollabNet

  • Bob Jenkins, CollabNet

  • Hyrum Wright, WANdisco
  • Greg Stein
  • Antoine Levy-Lambert, Ariel Partners

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